Use Cases

OSRAM EINSTONE supports various Use Cases. Please find a short selection enclosed:

  • Display of interesting places close by, points of interest (POI): Tourist guide, shopping center, restaurant guide

  • Where am I? (display on a map): Navigation – particularly inside of buildings. Locate a specific office, shop or hospital room etc.

  • Route guidance, route planning and route optimization (navigation): Optimize a shopping list in a supermarket. Stock up or search in a warehouse

  • Location based advertisement and brand communication: Loyalty programs, special offers, coupons

  • Museum guides / additional information: Audio guides in different languages, additional information about buildings, exhibits, machines

  • Location specific ‘’help button’’: e.g. to inform a service technician about a defect or to call for a specialist for additional advice

  • Orientation support for visually impaired (especially for unfamiliar areas): Signage and route guidance / Orientation inside of buildings, where GPS guidance does not work

  • Site-specific feedback (e.g. suggestions for improvements): Feedback forms, connection to social networks, comments

  • Analysis of movement and behavior patterns

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