Lighting solutions for your sports facade

Highlight your city’s showpiece

The fascination of the action inside stadiums and multipurpose venues should reflect on the facade, inviting visitors to join the excitement. OSRAM Lighting Solutions creates attention-grabbing, dynamic design concepts featuring text, graphics and video animations.

Light Knowledge: Resolution

Getting the details from a distance

We all know that a high-resolution TV or computer screen ensures a pleasant user experience. But what constitutes “high resolution” when designing a gigantic display for the facade of a sports arena where the viewing distance might be 80 or more metres rather than 80 centimetres? Every display is designed for a specific viewing range. Inside this distance range viewers get a “high resolution” experience, but when moving closer they can see that the picture is composed of many individual light sources, or Pixels. The uniform distance between these pixels is called the Pixel Pitch. You choose the resolution (a specific pixel pitch and viewing distance) depending on what you want to display – plain colours, text, still images, logos or video. Resolution is an important choice to make when planning the facade illumination for your sports venue.

With flying colours towards the coveted prize

National Stadium - Warsaw, Poland

The suspense begins before you enter

San Mamés Stadium - Bilbao, Spain

A shining symbol of national pride

National Gymnastics Arena - Baku, Azerbaijan

Futuristic LED media facade stuns locals and visitors

Arena Corinthians - São Paulo, Brazil

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