Lighting solutions for pitches and playing fields

Shine a light on your sports events

Where every move counts, uniform, low-glare light with high vertical illuminance levels makes all the difference for athletes and spectators alike. Pitch light systems by OSRAM Lighting Solutions ensure clear vision and flicker-free illumination for perfect HDTV video.

Indoor facilities and playing fields

Light that radiates excitement

Multifunctional venues used for various sports as well as non-sport events must be extremely flexible and comply with multiple standards and regulations. The EN 12193 standard specifies high light intensity levels of up to 750 lux for many sports, primarily to enhance contrast. Luminaires must be arranged to illuminate the playing area evenly without causing glare for the athletes or reflection from surrounding surfaces. In multipurpose halls also used for music performances and gala events, the lighting arrangements must be highly adaptable to support a multitude of different requirements. Lighting systems by OSRAM Lighting Solutions can be configured to meet and exceed all applicable standards. For lawn care in covered arenas, OSRAM Lighting Solutions offers a specially designed dynamic, growth-stimulating LED luminaire.

Outdoor playing fields

The right light for a gripping experience

Large stadiums require enormously powerful lights. Rotationally symmetric distribution luminaires by OSRAM Lighting Solutions can transmit their light effortlessly up to 120 meters across the playing field. Light designers should account for glare factor regulations. Reflectors inside luminaires guide the light downwards, avoiding light pollution and unwanted light spill. Stadium lighting equipment by OSRAM Lighting Solutions meets all requirements of the EN 12193 standard regarding light intensity, uniformity, colour rendition and glare limitation. As for optimal HDTV image quality, OSRAM Lighting Solutions can provide systems delivering high levels of vertical and horizontal lighting intensity as well as optimal uniformity. HQI floodlight systems with Electronic Control Gear (ECG) operation are the most powerful and energy-efficient choice for large-area lighting and flicker-free, super-slow motion TV.

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Skatepark Karlsruhe

Winter sports

A dazzling experience for spectators, not the athletes

When it comes to lighting design, winter sports are different. With sparkling snow as a background, conditions are entirely different from other sports from both, the athlete’s and the spectators’ viewpoint, and especially for TV cameras. And when thousandths of a second can decide about victory or defeat, having the very best lighting technology in place makes all the difference. Racing sports such as Alpine skiing, freestyle competitions and ice channel runs require high horizontal lighting intensities from 300 lux upwards to avoid dark zones which would otherwise slow the athletes’ reaction or conceal hazards; the same applies to reflections on snow and ice. Ski jumpers need adequate brightness to precisely estimate and initiate their jumps and landings. Powerful Metal-Halide and LED floodlights by OSRAM Lighting Solutions pointing up the slope provide sufficient vertical lighting intensity for the flight, and well-chosen, flexible combinations of luminaires make sure the athletes’ surroundings are brightly lit without dazzling. OSRAM spotlights and projectors are available with protection class IP65 or better for outdoor conditions.

Race tracks

Ultimate suspense at any angle

From track-and-field to bicycle and car racing, sports facilities for race sports have diverse requirements. OSRAM Lighting Solutions is highly experienced in custom-designing and delivering comprehensive lighting systems for new or existing race tracks, from long-reach asymmetric floodlights to high-powered rotational-symmetric beam projectors which leave no detail in the dark. Key performance criteria include glare-free light from the perspective of both, the athletes or drivers and the spectators, high levels of vertical and horizontal illuminances, flicker-free light and uniform illumination. All factors built the basis for optimal HDTV image quality. OSRAM Lighting Solutions offers advanced floodlight systems which deliver ideal lighting conditions not only for those competing on the track but also for the audience on site and at home who want to admire the most dramatic moments of the race in flicker-free super slow-motion.

Swimming pools

Controlling glare in a turbulent environment

Since water surfaces and their surroundings are highly reflective, lighting design for swimming pools must satisfy requirements which seem mutually exclusive: Subdued, uniform, low-glare light for the swimmers; high vertical illumination levels but low reflection for spectators and the jury. In addition, indoor pools usually have large windows creating additional reflection challenges. OSRAM Lighting Solutions has the expertise and the right technology to solve the puzzle. For swimming pools we recommend predominantly indirect lighting using ceiling luminaires mounted above the pool edges, projecting light at steep incident angles relative to the water surface and providing asymmetric light distribution.

Ball sports facilities

Trouble-free light for exciting games

The drama of ball games is all about speed, surprise and fast responses. Whether players can deliver top performance and spectators can follow the rapid succession of events largely depends on good lighting. Many sports are extremely challenging to the human eye, especially tennis, squash and badminton. Minimising glare effects is essential, especially for tennis players whose eyes are frequently directed upwards. Delivering the illuminance levels needed even in halls with high ceilings while accounting for all these special needs is a challenge that calls for the expertise of the specialists from OSRAM Lighting Solutions.

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