Lighting solutions for every space and room

From changing rooms to shops and cafeterias

OSRAM Lighting Solutions offers a comprehensive range of energy-efficient, powerful luminaires and lights for every application, and has all the experience in finding the right light for offices, shops or accessory spaces.

Sales areas

Merchandise presented in an appealing light

Whether you are selling fan merchandise, collectibles and memorabilia or refreshments, sports accessories or tickets, your articles will look more appealing to potential buyers if they are illuminated properly. What is more, light is atmosphere ‒ your artfully decorated store deserves to have appropriate lights to create the ambiance you have in mind. OSRAM Lighting Solutions supplies luminaires which flatter the eye and create a pleasant mood for your sales area, inviting shoppers to stay, look around and buy.


Light for exceptional delights

People come to sports events to relax, be entertained and take a break from the daily grind. A delicious meal, a pleasant overnight stay, VIP lounges and recreational facilities can all be part of the experience. The athletes themselves want to recover after the match, and facility staff need cafeterias and team rooms of their own. Wherever people come to eat, rest, talk or just take a break, proper illumination can enhance their enjoyment and recuperation significantly. Multifunctional halls need flexible lighting installations which can be adapted to the needs of a wide variety of events. OSRAM Lighting Solutions offers biologically active luminaires with an invigorating or calming and relaxing effect, and can give expert advice on the best lighting concept to achieve the desired atmosphere.

Accessory rooms

Bright, flexible, energy-saving systems for every purpose

From changing rooms to fitness gyms, and from storage and logistics spaces through to control rooms, commentator booths and spa facilities, OSRAM Lighting Solutions knows what kind of light it takes to help people get ready, find what they need, do their jobs, or wind down. Energy-efficient, sensor-controlled lighting systems switch on when someone is present, and dim down when everybody has left. Systems delivering well-balanced, glare-free vertical and horizontal luminance levels are perfect for working and storage areas, whereas biologically active luminaires stimulate brain activity. Whatever the requirements, OSRAM Lighting Solutions can develop and deliver the right solution for the given application.


Bio-active light boosts concentration

The effectiveness of light on the human brain has been confirmed in multiple scientific studies. OSRAM Lighting Solutions recommends special light systems to stimulate the ability to focus, avoid fatigue, improve productivity and is perceived as pleasant by the human eye. Smart lighting management systems ensure optimal illumination by balancing daylight with artificial light. Contemporary design options make sure your office lights are an excellent match for the style of your office.

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