Lighting solutions for manufacturing

Innovative lighting for flawless production

On the production floor, being able to see what you do and closely follow the ongoing process is essential. Custom-tailored OSRAM lighting solutions make sure the field of vision is clear and glare-free for high-quality production and happy employees.

Automotive industry

Where every detail counts

In manufacturing halls exposed to heat, dust and vibration, lighting systems must be able to withstand high stresses while providing the vertical illuminance levels to support human work, and the even light distribution needed to ensure clear visibility of gauges and operator panels. Work routines at production and assembly lines are fast-paced, and workers cannot afford to make mistakes. Combinations of vertically and horizontally arranged, rugged, low-maintenance, high protection-rating LED luminaires by OSRAM Lighting Solutions excel in these ambient conditions. By providing powerful, evenly distributed, biologically sound lighting, they support quality work and help avoid errors in production. In the quality control department, glare-free, daylight-quality lighting makes sure even the tiniest flaws and scratches can be detected.

Metal and electrical industry

Only trust what you can see

From welding and brazing to machining and electronics assembly, and from high-precision measuring to on-screen monitoring, the metal, electrical and electronics industries involve a broad variety of indoor workplace settings with different visual tasks and lighting requirements. Whether the given application calls for general or work station lighting or both, and whether your focus is on a high protection rating or avoiding shadows, reflections and glare, OSRAM can supply the right mix of luminaires for excellent execution of every single process step.

Food industry

Uncompromising scrutiny

In the food industry strict hygiene and quality standards must be met to protect human health. According to the International Featured Standards (IFS), all work areas in food processing must be adequately illuminated, and all lighting equipment must be protected against shattering and secured against breakage to prevent contamination of the food product. Special lighting solutions by OSRAM deliver high illuminance levels and excellent colour rendition, helping employees in food processing plants and kitchens identify and eliminate foreign matter while monitoring food freshness and quality reliably.

Chemical and plastics industry

Finding the right formula

Light requirements in the chemical and plastics industry can vary greatly. While a factory floor needs good general lighting throughout, process control stations equipped with computer screens and instrument displays depend on higher light levels as well as glare and reflection control. Laboratories have the most stringent requirements, including very high illuminance levels and excellent contrast and colour rendition. Wherever chemicals are handled and processed, lighting fixtures need special vapour protection. OSRAM offers a wide range of luminaires along with lighting control equipment perfectly adapted to these conditions.


Reliability keeps passengers safe

Trains, buses, ships, lorries and aircraft must ensure the safety of the humans and valuable goods they carry. Wherever they are stored, maintained or repaired, adequate lighting is crucial for maintenance personnel to be able to recognise and address potential defects and assure the safe operating condition of each craft or vehicle. Combinations of vertical and horizontal luminaires make sure nothing remains in the dark. On the other hand, a dynamic lighting control system using motion detectors helps conserve energy wherever constant human presence is not required. OSRAM can supply comprehensive lighting and control systems for depots, hangars and dockyards.

Wood industry

Lighting that simply cuts it

Dust, wood chips and dirt are inevitable in the wood processing industry. High dust protection ratings are mandatory for light installations in these environments. Since wood dust is highly combustible, production sites exposed to fire hazards resulting from dust or fibres are required to use D-rated luminaires. Since mechanical impact is always a possibility in the wood industry, lighting fixtures should feature adequate protection. Safety considerations call for appropriate light levels and even illumination of all work areas. OSRAM lighting systems offer the right combination of properties for the wood processing industry.

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