All around the premises

Great lighting ideas for every functional area

A business complex also includes offices, car parks, social rooms etc. With its expertise and full range of products and services, OSRAM Lighting Solutions makes sure every part of your industrial real estate is illuminated adequately, safely and efficiently.

Parking Spaces

Around-the-clock safety for people and vehicles

More traffic accidents happen in car parks than in busy city streets. Being able to see and be seen is crucial where vehicles move in all directions, especially at the end of a shift. Moreover, a dark and lonely car park at night time is a scary place for anyone. At loading docks with little manoeuvring space, lorry drivers must be able to see where they are going. Broad, shadow-free illumination by OSRAM Lighting Solutions, along with purpose-designed systems for lanes, ramps and exits, creates visual clarity, helping humans find their way and trust their environment while allowing video surveillance personnel to recognise suspicious activities instantly. With a comprehensive range of trunking and motion sensor-controlled light management systems, OSRAM Lighting Solutions enhances safety and helps cut energy costs by dimming lights when no one needs them.


Living up to standards

From offices to meeting rooms, and from corridors and staircases through to foyers and cafeterias, administrative buildings constitute a major portion of an overall lighting design concept for an industrial site. Computer workstations are especially demanding in terms of lighting, with minimum requirements defined by EN 12464-1. Comprehensive solutions by OSRAM including LED luminaires and light management systems are highly effective and economical while allowing for flexible office arrangements. Light with a distinctive blue component increases alertness and concentration for better employee performance, and a foyer bathed in pleasant light makes visitors feel welcome.


Where guests are the centre of attention

The first impression always counts, especially so in the hospitality sector where an appealing visual experience contributes substantially to a pleasant stay. Nothing can inspire positive sentiments the way good lighting does. Daylight-emulating luminaires by OSRAM Lighting Solutions create an optimistic mind-set in guests while stimulating hotel and restaurant employees to fully focus on their jobs and give excellent service. In staff rooms and cafeterias, bright, bio-active lighting contributes to a positive attitude among hotel employees. Supported by OSRAM consultants, lighting designers can choose from a full range of lighting and light management systems by OSRAM Lighting Solutions to create unique, attractive hospitality settings.

Auxiliary Spaces and Rooms

Everything under control

Behind the scenes is where the strings are pulled – engineering, utility, server, multipurpose or storage rooms are often considered as secondary. Treating them poorly in terms of lighting means accepting unnecessary risks of people getting hurt or equipment damaged. Good lighting can be very economical when combined with daylight as well as motion detection controls. Adequate vertical illuminance levels and bright, even lighting made by OSRAM help personnel read display panels and instruments and perform maintenance work reliably and safely.


Presenting a friendly face to the world

The facade of a company’s main building is like its business card, expressing how the organisation wishes to be perceived. State-of-the-art facade illumination combined with the company logo and other visual elements can be a marketing and design tool reflecting the corporate identity. An adequate protection class and appropriate approvals should be part of the lighting designer’s concept, as well. Floodlights, projectors, LED linear wall systems and ground-recessed luminaires by OSRAM bring facades and the companies they represent to the best light.

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