Much space for greater safety and orientation

Modern lighting for parking garages and parking lots

The Compact Monsun® LED luminaire range

A robust, durable solution specifically for parking garages

Lighting solutions for parking lots and parking garages

Whether multi-storey car parks, company parking facilities, shopping centres, office complexes, concert halls, sports arenas, railway stations or airports – parking garages and parking lots unburden the infrastructure, shorten routes and create space, as well as making our professional and leisure lives a lot more simple.

Modern indoor and outdoor lighting essentially contributes everywhere in establishing greater safety and orientation for all traffic users. Signs, vehicles and people are more easily recognised thanks to better and more light. The risk of accidents is significantly reduced and a stronger sense of comfort and personal security is achieved.

Dynamic lighting solutions are particularly eye-catching. Different grades of white and coloured light display either individual areas or the complete architecture, and also achieve more simple orientation. Surroundings are also upgraded when for example the facade of a multi-storey car park is displayed in attractive colour-changing light, or with decorative coloured illumination at the entrance to a car park, with a hotel for example or an adjacent zone.

At the same time, good light must also be efficient and economical. With innovative luminaire systems and lighting solutions from OSRAM for either new instalments or refurbishments, high quality of light and good cost-efficiency are no contradiction – and also no problem.

Learn more about our lighting solutions for industries

Learn more about our lighting solutions for industries

Everything under control

Economical light is simple – with intelligent control systems
From presence sensors to integration into building management systems, the OSRAM Lighting Solutions control portfolio offers diverse options for individually controlling your lighting system.

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Innovative OSRAM plug-and-play LED solutions inspire the Electrical Distributors and Installers for further promotions among their customers.

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You're already familiar with our portfolio and are looking for a specific product for lighting your parking garage or parking lots? Find the best solution here.

Learn more about our lighting solutions for industries

Learn more about our lighting solutions for industries

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