Lighting solutions for warehouses

The right light at the right time

Warehouses are designed to store valuable goods safely while making sure every item can be located and accessed easily. Smart lighting control systems by OSRAM Lighting Solutions switch the lights on when and where they are needed, saving energy and cost.

High-bay storage

Leaving nothing in the dark

High-rack warehouses must maximise the available space to minimise storage costs. Aisles are usually tall and narrow and therefore difficult to illuminate. To avoid shadowed zones and ensure safe truck manoeuvring and clear visibility of bays, items and labels, the lighting system must deliver uniform illumination and high vertical illuminance. Siteco LED trunking systems by OSRAM ensure excellent reach, clear readability and good, glare-free upwards visibility. Movement sensors enable smart light management.

Logistics areas

Flexibility for mixed-use areas

Multipurpose storage and logistics spaces, at times involving both indoor and outdoor areas, can be tricky challenges for the lighting designer. Shelving and other storage arrangements may be relocated or changed frequently, and transit zones between indoor and outdoor areas can be hazardous. Daylight, where available, may change the artificial lighting need at irregular intervals. Multidirectional, adaptable, dynamically or motion detector-controlled systems by OSRAM offer effective and efficient solutions for every application.

Cold storage

Rugged lighting for temperature extremes

Lighting fixtures exposed to low or freezing temperatures must be especially robust and resistant to thermal stresses and moisture. Fluorescent lamps cannot perform adequately under these conditions. OSRAM LED luminaires deliver all the power in freezing temperatures and are highly reliable and robust. A high protection rating and fully sealed enclosures are essential for cold storage lights. OSRAM lighting systems are the right choice when compliance with standards such as EN 12464-1 is required.

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