Floodlight 20 maxi LED: Light for large areas and sports

Awarded the iF Design Award


Floodlight 20 maxi LED completes the floodlight family with the construction sizes micro, mini and midi that has been awarded the iF DESIGN AWARD.

The family’s biggest floodlight with an output of up to 110,000 lumen is suited for mounting heights starting from 14 metres. Thanks to seven different light distributions it meets the requirements of diverse application fields – from airport areas, large parking areas and logistic terminals to the illumination of sports facilities like football grounds and arenas. The floodlight’s lens optic ensures a concise light distribution, good glare reduction and very good quality of light. In comparison to conventional solutions, Floodlight 20 maxi LED is not only operating much more efficient but also much more slender and compact in terms of appearance.

Floodlight 20 maxi LED is providing flicker-free illumination for HDTV transmissions with super slow-motions. That makes Floodlight 20 maxi LED ideal for TV sports reporting.The modular construction of the floodlight family consisting of a housing with ECG, an ESD-protected LED module and the fixing element enables simple mounting and a future module upgrades.

At a glance:

  • LED floodlight for the illumination of large areas and sports facilities
  • For mounting height starting from 14 metres
  • Flicker-free light for HDTV and super slow-motions
  • Lens optic for good glare reduction and quality of light
  • Diverse, concise light distributions
  • Resource-conserving and future-proof modular concept

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