Media Tube HO RGBW: Light is unique

Media Tube‘s versatility adds a unique twist to various architectural, retail, or hospitality environments, with linear ribbons of light or sharp video and text. Capable of replaying medium-to-high resolution graphical content or embellishing the simplest of architectural details, Media Tube’s slim profile, customizable pixel count and color, result in a crisp, precise media installation, whether designed as a linear run or configured as a large-scale media screen.

Features at a glance

Product Features

  • Various lengths available
  • True White and RGB display in a single system
  • Fine pixel pitch

Product Benefits

  • Different façade cladding design possible
  • Enhanced display quality (true white), higher brightness and efficacy
  • Display of various content possible


  • Façade accent dynamic effect for long ribbon
  • Stadiums, Bridges, Hospitality, Office Buildings

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