Street Light Control - innovative light management system for outdoor areas

OSRAM Street Light Control (SLC): the innovative light management system for outdoor lighting. For demand-oriented control and monitoring of individual luminaires up to thousands of points of light. Street Light Control facilitates particularly a reduction in power consumption, CO2 emission and light pollution and moreover an optimized maintenance planning. Central element: the SLC software which the user can use to keep the entire street lighting system in view.

Saves energy and reduces operational costs

Street Light Control reduces energy consumption and CO2 emission. Unnecessary over-lighting can be prevented by targeted dimming of sectors of the city, roads or individual luminaires. Thus, the SLC can be used to make effective and consistent energy savings - up to 50 % per year. Street Light Control also has an effect on the maintenance costs: It offers the facility of central detailed monitoring and analysis of the lighting installation and thus leads to simplification of maintenance planning.

Increases security

Whether it be roads, tracks or industrial lighting - you need to be able to rely on the lighting. Particularly important: Resistance to current spikes and the effects of weather and security of communications between the switchgear cabinet and the luminaire. In this area, our tried and tested OSRAM Powerline technology provides the best possible functional security.

Increases flexibility of the lighting

The world is continuously changing - and so is the image of the city. With Street Light Control, outdoor lighting can adapt to match these changes. Individual luminaires can be gathered together flexibly to form groups of luminaires according to streets and pedestrian crossings. SLC also permits the user to control and monitor the luminaires, individually or in groups – depending on the application.

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SLC system and components

All very simple: the SLC system and its components

1. SLC software

  • Central interface between user and the SLC system
  • Administration, programming and analysis of the lighting system
  • Local installation or in the Cloud
  • Only allocated function areas visible for each user

2. Internet protocol (IP)

The communication between the software and gateways at street level is via a secure IP connection by GPRS, Ethernet or optical fiber

3. SLC gateway

  • Installation in the switchgear cabinet
  • Saves, processes and translates the control commands and queries initiated by the software
  • Incorporation of additional components such as counters, relays or light sensors into the entire system

4. Powerline

  • Responsible for data transmission between gateway and connected luminaires
  • Additional communication infrastructure is not required

5. SLC Luminaire Controller / SLC Pole Controller

  • The controllers in the SLC system allow individual control and monitoring of each individual luminaire
  • Components can be supplied as mast mounting or luminaire mounting
  • Individual switching of all luminaires is possible
  • Individual dimming (via 1 ... 10 V interface or DALI) of all luminaires is possible
  • Use of each controller as a signal amplifier is possible for optimum communication
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