Advanced LED technology preserves historic ambience

LED street lighting in Wipperfuerth - Wipperfuerth, Germany

As part of the “Regionale 2010” project for converting former rail line into a cycle path and walkway, the “Central Wipperfuerth” section was to be illuminated. The authorities opted for state-of-the-art LED technology – and thanks to excellent cooperation between the local OSRAM subsidiary Radium and the municipal authorities the project was quickly completed. Since the middle of 2011, 68 innovative OSRAM LED fixtures have been providing energy-efficient cost-saving light.


Categoria: Smart City & Public, Traffic Systems, Street
Local: Wipperfuerth
Technology: LED
Ano: 2011

Street lighting is a major issue for all local authorities because it offers considerable potential energy savings. The cycle path in Wipperfürth is therefore just the fist phase of an overall concept: If OSRAM LED technology proves successful all the old street lights will be gradually upgraded or replaced.

Wipperfuerth is playing a pioneering role with this project in terms of modern street lighting. The new OSRAM ML-250 LED model is being used here for the first time.

In its robust die-cast aluminum enclosure this attractive street light houses one of the most innovative LED ECG systems: a replaceable STREETlight Advanced LED module for simple tool-free maintenance perfectly operated and intelligently controlled with the pioneering OPTOTRONIC OT 65 3 DIM E unit.

Thanks to their efficiency and high output the new LED fixtures offer adequate performance from a connected load of only 30 or 60 W. depending on the location. OSRAM LED modules will last three to six times as long as conventional light sources – that’s 15 to 20 years if operated for eight hours a day. Overall, this modern technology offers savings in costs and maintenance of up to 35 percent compared with the street lighting previously installed in Wipperfuerth.

In addition to the savings, the most important factors in Wipperfürth were sustainability and the ecological benefits of the new LED street lighting: Each fixture can be programmed for its particular location, resulting in CO2 savings of around 14 to 15 tonnes across the 68 fixtures.

The design and geometry of the new OSRAM LED fixtures also ensure that the illumination meets the relevant standards with very high application efficiency – there is virtually no wasted light and no wasted output: Only the areas required areas are illuminated and there is none of the scattered light usually associated with street lights equipped with compact fluorescent lamps.

A special feature of this project is OSRAM’s new control gear technology OSRAM. With the 3DIM concept designed to achieve a significant reduction in energy consumption and energy costs, OSRAM has developed a new generation of outdoor control gear that offers a wide range of light management functions. Control gear with 3DIM functionality offers huge potential energy savings in street lighting applications.

3DIM stands for a combination of three control and dimming options in one device. In addition to complying with the DALI standard for integration in bidirectional telemanagement systems, the devices can operate in StepDIM and AstroDIM modes. In StepDIM mode it is possible to switch between two output levels with the aid of an external control signal. This can be used for example to reduce the output of the street lighting at night. The relevant dimming values are preset with the 3DIM software. The AstroDIM mode automatically reduces output at night without the need for an external control signal. A factory default dimming profile or a customer-specific dimming profile is run under software control. In view of the wide range of dimming options, control gear with 3DIM functionality can be incorporated in the existing infrastructure without additional costs.


  • ML-250 Streetlighting luminaires
  • OPTOTRONIC OT 65/220-240/24 3DIM E

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