Innovative LED technology keeps the ball in focus

New TC Daalmeer tennis facility - Alkmaar, Netherlands

The TC Daalmeer tennis club puts its trust in LED lighting from OSRAM Lighting Solutions. The Dutch tennis club TC Daalmeer from Alkmaar, following a decimating fire on its training facilities, has now constructed a new tennis hall to be equipped with innovative LED technology. This was agreed upon in advance by the club managers and the Alkmaar district community.


Categoria: Sports
Local: Alkmaar
Technology: LED
Ano: 2015

Cost-efficient and ball-proof

The aim was to achieve a cost-and energy-efficient solution with regard to both purchase and operation, that simultaneously supplies high quality of light and meets the normative requirements of the Dutch tennis association for indoor competition. The OSRAM Lighting Solutions product in this case is called the LS160 LED. The solution features highly efficient and especially low-glare light designed specifically for industrial and sports halls (with the ball-proof version).

The smaller and quicker the sports equipment or balls are, the more important is the right light for the specific type of sport. With tennis and serves of up to 100 km/h with extremely short response times, the theme of light quality and visual comfort is highly important.

High visual comfort for rapid ball motion

The LS160 LED features a prismatic, frosted light emission aperture that provides not only very good glare control but also reduces levels of luminance so far that even a direct view into the luminaire is without comfort – ideal for ball sports.

Power consumption is significantly reduced at the same time, meaning energy savings of 60% annually for the tennis club.


  • Siteco LS160 LED (ball-proof version)

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