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About ams OSRAM

For the mobility of the future - smart sensor & lighting solutions from ams OSRAM

ams OSRAM combines light and sensor technology with intelligence, innovation and passion. With more than 110 years of combined history, the company defines itself by its profound technical expertise and the ability to develop the latest sensor and lighting technologies for global markets, enriching our daily lives.

Inspiring innovations in the automotive, consumer, industrial and healthcare sectors enable a wide range of customers to gain decisive competitive advantages. At the same time, ams OSRAM empowers its customers to drive innovation themselves in order to improve the quality of life for all of us in the areas of health, safety and comfort.

With its combined expertise, ams OSRAM is now jointly presenting itself for the first time as the exclusive sensor and lighting partner of the Swiss think tank „Rinspeed“. The jointly constructed „citySNAP“ prototype shows what the vehicle and mobility of tomorrow could look like and what role innovations from the technology fields of sensors, lighting and visualization play in this.

interior metroSNAP



Innovative sustainability and efficiency in deliveries: Mobile locker stations help to avoid traffic disruptions in the city.

RINSPEED CitySnap: The fourth generation of Rinspeed's modular "CitySnap" vehicle shows the way to pilot tests and series production - World premiere at the IAA Mobility in Munich

This year’s prototype “CITYSNAP” marks the fifth time that we are teaming up with the Swiss automobile manufacturer and tuning designer Rinspeed.

Rinspeed is a great platform to present our latest components, innovations, technologies and design ideas by means of “real life” applications.

The jointly constructed "CITYSNAP" prototype shows what the vehicle and mobility of tomorrow

could look like and what role innovations from the technology fields of sensors, lighting and visualization play in this.

Our portfolio that we show in the CitySnap reaches from high resolution matrix LED technology for glare-free high beam, UV-C treatment to 3D sensing for in-cabin sensing, and projected lighting for a safer and smarter mobility

With the help of LED-based UV-C lighting, the interior can be cleaned and prepared for the next passenger. The innovative rear lights with integrated display functions of the "CitySnap" enable optical messaging with other road users. In the interior, the latest lighting and sensor technology meets functional A-pillars with safety displays. For the projectors and rear lights of the "CitySnap", Rinspeed relies on the latest lighting technology from ams Osram and on innovative product solutions from Prettl Lighting & Interior in Pfullingen.

interior metroSNAP

ams OSRAM features

The design of the interior creates a unique driving experience: When getting in the vehicle, the intelligent Ambient Lighting with integrated iRGB solutions automatically adapts to the driver's brightness and colour temperature preferences and creates a unique and individual lighting atmosphere in the interior. The improved colour homogeneity and accuracy, as well as the extended range of colours and brightness levels, provide a lighting experience which offers an increased level of brightness, performance as well as maximum comfort.

The Hands-on Detection function, which reliably detects touches and movements even under changed conditions (such as wet hands or gloves), provides more safety while driving and intuitive interaction between the vehicle and its occupants. Capacitive Sensing continuously checks whether the driver's hands are on the steering wheel.

The Interior Signaling function, integrated into the A-pillar, warns the driver about dangerous situations (such as blind spots) by lighting up brightly. A traffic light system lights up to make loading and unloading the vehicle safer.

When you leave the vehicle, the In Cabin Sensing function scans the vehicle interior. In addition, Occupancy Monitoring ensures that there are no more people in the vehicle before the interior is disinfected using the latest UV-C LED technology. This protects against germs and the "CITYSNAP" is ideally prepared for the next passengers.

Intelligent lighting and sensor solutions are also integrated on the exterior of the "CITYSNAP": The Rear Combination Light (RCL) combines up to four different lighting functions in a single lighting solution, enabling dynamic rear lighting in a wide range of styles and colours.

The Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB) is integrated as a revolutionary headlamp design for high and low beam. It offers designers more freedom and the possibility of using low-cost PCBs and reduces the effort for thermal management as well.

For safety applications and decorative purposes, Micro Lens Array (MLA) projection technology is incorporated into the exterior of the "CITYSNAP". Both a narrowly focused beam of light and patterns and writings can be projected onto the ground, enabling a new type of communication between vehicles and pedestrians.

For more information about our mobility concepts and lighting and sensor solutions, please visit https://ams-osram.com