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Industry Lighting

Industrial Lighting

The perfect environment for a company’s most important parts is more than a big box for men and machines. It’s a place where humans find the best possible conditions to work on the best possible products. This can be only achieved by an elaborate technological set-up. Needless to say, every single detail here counts. Like the right components ensuring a stable level of quality or a high degree in efficiency in every part of the process.

So when it comes to industrial lighting, choose LED components from a partner with decades of experience and the power to help you accomplish your project. OSRAM’s broad portfolio of robust LEDs for industrial lighting offers a spectrum of infinite possibilities. From illuminating a giant hall to single work units, from mid- to high-power applications, from medium up to very high lumen packages – we equip you with the best possible light sources to ensure a smooth work flow and motivated staff – the most important ingredients for superior output.

Enjoy our regarded DURIS® P and OSLON® ranges, ideal solutions for all applications, whenever uniform distribution of light and high efficiency are required. They serve you with constant intensity and color, which is crucial for precision working. Furthermore, they come in compact packages offering high performance with a perfect mix of flexibility and efficiency that suits modern production environments. Our LEDs might be just a detail in your business, but it’s a very important one. All because of our decades of lighting experience. We are here to help you increase productivity.

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