OSLON® Compact PL

OSLON Compact PL

New photodiode generation: revised package concept makes it easier for the customer

Oslon Compact PL combines new chip technology with excellent thermal properties

Design flexibility now also with ceramic based packages

  • Scalablity of single chip and multi-chip devices
  • Ceramic package with very robust mold material for improved handling and reliability

Easier optical design and improved efficiency

  • Notchless chip with square emission area
  • Reduced Z tolerance
  • Layer edge quality for better layer recognition with vision system

Better thermal management

  • Electrically isolated thermal pads
  • Improved Rth

Brightness improvements

  • Higher max drive current
  • Latest chip technology
  • Binned at 1000 mA
  • New Progressive Binning Scheme

Better homogeneity

  • Smaller color boxes with 4x6 IEC grids

Exterior Automotive Lighting

  • Lowbeam
  • Highbeam
  • AFS Headlamp Systems
  • Adaptive Driving Beam
  • Day time running light
  • Turn Indicator

Interior Automotive Lighting

  • Head-up Displays

The OSLON Compact PL as a multichip version with up to five chips. Equipped with notchless UX:3 chip technology, the new LEDs from Osram Opto Semiconductors offer excellent thermal conductivity. This is thanks to the square emission surface of the notchless chips, which also makes contacting and the optical design much simpler. The high luminous flux of the OSLON Compact PL also provides improved brightness values. For applications that previously used halogen a luminous flux of 1,000 lm can be achieved with one OSLON Compact PL 3 chip, for example.