Show cars and stars in their true light

Show cars and stars in their true light

Cars and stars in the limelight

Auto shows are a spectacle of innovation and industry, where massive crowds gather to see auto makers unveil new car models. When the curtain drops, the debut car must be seen in a light that accurately reflects its curves, color, and essence. Then the masterfully-arranged light must maintain an even distribution and an even color temperature across the cars' surface for up to fourteen hours. At fashion shows or celebrity events the high output daylight sources are ideal for putting models and stars in the limelight.

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A metal halide discharge lamp, HMI EVENT was designed specifically for auto and other large-scale events like fashion shows or press events where branding, presentation, and true-to-life color are of the utmost importance. HMI EVENT provides uniform light, with reduced color or brightness shifts. It illuminates cars with stable daylight color temperature, perfectly supporting their design and color, whether viewed live or through a lens.

On the exhibit floor, wherever machines—from boats to motorcycles—are shown, lighting designers trust HMI EVENT lamps to deliver an outstanding performance and keep the featured product in the spotlight.